Ethereum 2.0
Securing your Validator

Before enlisting the support of a staking platform to secure your validator in Eth2, it is first important to consider the fundamental security parameters surrounding your Eth2 validator

Product Update – Desktop Staking App

This month, we completed our transition from Web to Desktop – an industry first for the Eth2 staking landscape. With each product iteration we came closer to a

Blox Staking: BLS Signatures Part 1 – Overview

Bitcoin and ethereum both use elliptic-curve cryptography for generating keys and signing transactions. The algorithm they both use is called Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), which represents

Blox Staking: Technology Overview

In this technology overview, we zoom out to share more knowledge on Blox Staking technologies that power our non-custodial staking services. To get started, let’s look at one

Ethereum 2.0
Blox Staking – Alpha Launch

When blockchain started from the first genesis block, it shook up our digital universe.   The journey of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has repeatedly made history and with the

Ethereum 2.0
Blox Basics: What is Proof-of-Stake

The arrival of the Onyx testnet brings the crypto and blockchain community rocketing into the next level for Ethereum, the beacon-chain mainnet. This multi-year plan lays the groundwork

Ethereum 2.0
Beacon-chain: Comparing Eth 1 & Eth 2.0

Prysmatic Labs recently announced the introduction of their latest (and possibly final) beacon-chain testnet, The Onyx Test Network. This would signal the final release before the release of

Ethereum 2.0
ETH 2.0 Staking Interest & Rewards

ETH2 holds many promises for tech enthusiasts and speculators alike. Ethereum is going through a monumental change which holds an appealing upside potential. Staking 32 ETH will allow

ETH 2.0: Staking Infrastructure

In a few months, Ethereum 2.0, Phase 0, will be rolling out and introducing an entirely new concept for the future of the ethereum ecosystem: The beacon-chain.  

ETH 2.0 & What You Need To Know

The future of the Ethereum blockchain is one of the most promising and exciting topics in the crypto universe. Their future roadmap unravels a beautiful new approach to