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Hotfix Announcement – Upgrade KeyVault to Version 1.0.8
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IMPORTANT! Update Your KeyVault ASAP

This is a hotfix for KeyVault: A hotfix is a small code patch to close a particular edge case found in the code.

What Was Found: We regularly review our codebase with the goal of ensuring that KeyVault operates effectively in an autonomous way, that is, nothing can cause KeyVault to sign slashable attestations and proposals.

We discovered an edge case that could jeopardize KeyVault’s slashing protection mechanism and have pushed a hotfix to resolve it. The edge case involves two signing requests being sent to KeyVault within a very close timeframe (milliseconds). What should occur is that KeyVault process them one after another however, we discovered that under this particular circumstance, KeyVault would process them at the same time.

The fix has been implemented into the newest version of KeyVault to ensure that in this rare scenario, KeyVault will process the requests one after another. We’ve also added additional tests to the KeyVault project to prevent such issues in future versions.

Please update to version 1.0.8 as soon as possible via the BloxLive app.

** No Blox user got slashed or lost any funds, this is strictly preemptive! **