ETH 2.0 Staking
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Ultra-Secure Non-Custodial Staking.

open source & non-custodial

A non-custodial Ethereum 2.0 staking service, providing users with complete control of their private keys.

The Blox Staking desktop application contains a secure staking environment that resides on your PC – offering an additional layer of safety for validators.


All keys and data are protected by Hashicorp Vault.


Blox never requires users to surrender any private keys. Our non-custodial service lets you stake while preserving complete control.

Maximize Rewards

 Mitigate the potential for costly penalties, maximize your rewards with active slashing protection and reduce downtime to keep nodes online.


Blox Live is a self-contained desktop application for validator setup, monitoring and communicating with our encrypted KeyVault. This provides our validators with an ultra secure staking environment.


Manage and monitor performance of your Eth 2.0 validator. Available with customized activity alerts and management tools.


No infrastructure required. Blox provides infra that operates with any server, giving you a seamless setup experience.

Easy onboarding

Blox simplifies the onboarding process to get you online and staking. Our resource, guides and creation wizards make it simple to start.

Let’s start staking,


Our non-custodial staking solution supports multi-client validators and reliability at scale. Anyone can start staking and maximize their rewards without ever compromising on security.

  • Robust & Reliable Nodes
  • Secured by Hashicorp Vault
  • Plug & Play Infrastructure
  • Maximize Rewards & Reduce Risks
  • Simplified Onboarding
  • PPV: Pay-Per Validator (coming soon!)

Secured, Open-Source Technology

Blox’s technology isolates users’ private and vital keys and data, containing it within their own personal computer. Isolating these vital services to the validators local machine strengthens the Blox Staking environment for secure staking.

  • Blox Validators
  • Blox Staking
  • Desktop App - Wallet Blox Live
  • Powerful Staking Infra

Your secure connection to the Beacon-chain starts with our secure, open-source technology. Everything we build is designed to enable greater staking and validator performance and security. 

A History of Blockchain

We are a leading provider of innovative blockchain technology solutions for developers, businesses and consumers. 


Behind our technology is a development team of code-craftsmen with formidable experience building blockchain nodes, databases, infrastructure and applications for businesses and consumers.


Your ETH2 staking journey starts with Blox. Let’s start staking, together.

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