BloxStaking: Moving to New Horizons
After three incredible years of staking together and building a community, it is with heartfelt gratitude that the Blox team announces the decision to sunset
Merge is here
The Merge The Beacon Chain has been running alongside the proof-of-work mechanism that secures Ethereum since December 2020. The legacy PoW system relies on energy-intensive
Liquidity Police
As the Eth2 ecosystem rapidly grows, pooled solutions are added every day. Here we discuss the dangers of derivative ETH implemented in many staking pools.
Will Ethereum Validators Become the New Miners?
As Ethereum transitions to Eth2 and staking on the Beacon Chain, what happens to the network’s miners and will they be replaced with validators? Is it profitable to be a validator rather than a miner?
Blox January Updates – Starting off Strong in 2021 🥳
Blox January Updates. The crypto industry is booming at BTC passes new all-time highs and the entire global market capitalization of crypto assets reached above $950B. Oh, and the Beacon Chain has over 50,000 active validators and counting!