Blox Staking Attestation Rates

Quick Update – Blox System Upgrades and Protecting your ETH
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Compensation for missed attestations from Blox Staking

Laying it all out on the table, we’ve been experiencing some issues with our backend causing missed attestations and lower than desired effectiveness.

This is due to our queue database CPU going up and not executing tasks.

In order to address the issues and solve a lot of bottlenecks, we will be pushing a big release to Blox Infra today (NO NEED FOR YOU TO DO ANYTHING).

We strive to develop the best possible non-custodial staking service that ensures optimal user rewards. The recent instabilities hurt your rewards and APR – and we take that very seriously.

As such, we’ve decided to send 0.02 ETH for each active validator with Blox to cover lost rewards and any future instabilities.

The 0.02 will be sent in the next 48 hours to the Eth1 address that made the deposit for your validator.

Thank you for your patience and for being such an awesome community! Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Team Blox.