Blox Staking News - June 21th 2021

Blox Talks – June 21
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Blox Talks - June 21


Mainnet Validators

Total: 1477
Active: 1067

Pending: 410
Staked: $ 113M

Attestation Rate: 99.349%
Effectiveness: 91.131%


We Didn’t Even Have Time to Celebrate 1K validators

We had a whole plan in place, banners were made, videos created, articles written, just to celebrate crossing the 1K validators staking with us. We’ve passed that threshold fast! Faster than we expected.

Blox Talks - June 21

Just to explain the numbers we’re seeing – for 3 days running, between 11-13th of June, almost 15% of all the deposits made to Beacon Chain deposited with us, that’s mind blowing.
That’s over 1,100 more validators than we had last time you read this.

We started Bloxstaking knowing that our product is a little more complex compared to other “click-n-go” solutions out there. From the start, Blox set itself apart by being completely non custodial and ultra secure. Reaching 1k validators a lot sooner than we expected is a significant validation to the value Blox has to offer to the world. Thank you for choosing us!

(Another notable mention; we’ve crossed the $100M at stake, just as an FYI)


Secret Shared Validators

Blox Talks - June 21

The community and the Foundation are trying to accelerate the pace and execute the Merge Faster. Keep an eye on the updates so you won’t miss a thing

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