Blox Staking recovery not working

What to do if Recovery Doesn’t Solve a Problem
What to do if Recovery Doesn’t Solve a Problem

Steps if Blox recovery tool doesnt work

Blox is completely non-custodial and for that reason we do not have access to your files or personal details. The entire installation process is completed entirely on the user side. Although a very secure approach, this makes troubleshooting slightly more complicated.

In some edge-cases, the recovery process might not work the first try around. It’s rare but it can happen. Here’s what you do in case it happens to you.

  1. Reach out to us on Discord

    • Make sure that you’re talking to one of the [] admins for further instructions.
    • In case you are not answered right away, you can take further steps to try and resolve the issue on your own.
  2. Check your Validator status on or

    • By pasting your public validator key into one of the above explorers, you’ll be able to see all the past / present issues.
    • It’s very important to check whether the missed duties are a result of a few missed events in a row, or if they are sporadic.
    • In any case, keep us updated on your findings.
  3. Have your logs ready

    • We’ve added a built-in function to help you access your logs. Click on your avatar located on the upper right corner of Blox Live and follow the steps to retrieve them.
    • In case you are unable to access Blox Live, you can access your logs directly through your local device using this guide.
  4. Create new AWS keys*

    • In case your recovery or update processes are halted during the AWS setup / configuration stage, you can try to create a new AWS key pair.
  5. Access your Config Files and have them ready for us to assist you further.

  6. Delete Blox Live and install the latest version.

  7. Run the recovery process once again.

  8. Contact us again with your logs and findings.

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