Non-Custodial Staking Tutorial

Blox Staking Installation Overview
Blox Staking Installation Overview

A quick overview of the Blox Staking set up process. All steps after Step 1 occur directly in Blox Live with the help of the setup wizard.

Step 1 – Download & Run Blox Live.

Step 2 – Set Up KeyVault Remote Signer.

  1. Select your cloud provider (currently Blox only supports AWS. Support will be added for other servers in the future).

Don’t Have an AWS Account? Create one here.

  1. Connect your AWS key pair to Blox Live.
  2. A unique 24-word Seed is generated for you. Store it safely offline.
  3. Create your Blox password (25th word).

Done! KeyVault is now installed on your personal server.

Step 3 – Set Up a Validator.

  1. Select Testnet / Mainnet
  2. The following Eth2 keys are automatically generated for you.
    1. Validator key
    2. Withdrawal key

Step 4 – Make the Staking Deposit.

  1. Select Testnet / Mainnet
  2. Automatically connect your Trezor / Ledger using MetaMask or MEW wallet to complete the deposit.

We remind you that 32 ETH is required for Mainnet staking, you’ll need some additional gas, so a minimum of 32.01 ETH is recommended for the transaction.

Step 5 – Wait for Network Confirmation.

At this point, all that is left to do is wait!

There are two waiting periods, both dependent upon current network congestion, neither can be avoided or shortened.

  1. Deposit Confirmation

  • Testnet – ±2-8 hours
  • Mainnet – ±16-24 hours
  1. Activation Queue

  • Testnet – ±2-4 days
  • Mainnet – ±16-20 days

You can monitor your place in the queue on or, just copy your validator public key from the Blox Live dashboard and paste into either explorer’s search bar.

You can also set up alerts and notifications for activation in the settings of Blox Live.

Step 6 – Actively Propose, Attest, and Generate Rewards on the Beacon Chain.

Sit back and monitor your validator’s performance on the Blox Live dashboard. Pay attention for email notifications from Blox should your validator require additional attention.

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