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How to Remove Testnet Validators to Prepare for Mainnet Staking
How to Remove Testnet Validators to Prepare for Mainnet Staking

Preparing for Mainnet ETH Staking with Blox Staking

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already tested out the different functionalities that Blox has to offer on the Pyrmont testnet and are contemplating depositing your ETH and officially launching your Mainnet validator. Before you do, you may want to clear out your dashboard of testnet validators. Note that in future app versions, a feature will be added to ‘hide’ your testnet validators, but for now, this should do the trick!

A few things to note before getting started:

  • If you’ve already deposited real ETH and launched a mainnet validator, this guide will NOT help you. Please make sure to contact our admins on Discord if you need help.
  • Opening a bulk amount of testnet/mainnet validators and then removing them without properly exiting the network can harm the Eth2 ecosystem.

Step 1

Reach out to one of the [] Admins on Discord.
You’ll have to share the email address you used to register, so that we can identify the relevant account.

Step 2

Access and send us your logs so we can make sure that you’re not jeopardizing anything by deleting your validators.

Step 3

Access and delete your Config Files. You can also remove the entire ‘blox-live-desktop-app’ folder as instructed.

Step 4

(If you already have a mainnet validator on your account skip this step and just make sure to send us the public key of the testnet validator you wish to remove).

‘Clean’ your AWS account to make sure that your ‘old’ EC2 instance and activity is properly removed.

Step 5

At this point we will also delete your old information from our database. Before opening Blox Live to set up your mainnet validator(s), please reach out to us again on Discord to make sure everything is in order. Once everything is good to go, follow the same installation process you performed during your testing phase, and select Mainnet this time for real ETH staking 😎

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