Troubleshooting Blox Staking

Blox Staking Recovery Tool
Blox Staking Recovery Tool

On the off chance that you encounter an issue that cannot be resolved, or you’re not able to receive a prompt response on Discord, have no fear, the Recovery Tool is here!

*Keep in mind that the recovery tool can also be used in case you wish to access Blox from a different computer, or in case your machine breaks down.

Before Getting Started, Make Sure:

  • You have your Seed/Passphrase, you’ll need it to re-access your account!
  • You are running the most up to date version of Blox Staking.

Recovery Steps

  1. Go to your Config Files.

  2. Locate the folder called: ‘blox-live-desktop-app’

  3. Delete the ‘blox-live-desktop-app’ folder

    * Before you delete everything, please make sure to extract trace.log so we can investigate the issue, just to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone again.

  4. Open Blox Staking

    Upon opening, you will be asked to insert your 24-word mnemonic phrase. Thereafter, follow the recovery process steps directly in the app.

    If the issue persists, please contact us through Discord or Email. We will get back to you ASAP.

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