Stake ETH with a Non-Custodial Service

Blox Mainnet Launch – Non-Custodial Eth2 Staking Coming Soon
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Blox Mainnet Launch - Non-Custodial Eth2 Staking Coming Soon

Blox Non-Custodial Staking Coming Soon

Eth2 Mainnet is finally here, and what a ride it’s been! The Ethereum community has been preparing for Eth2 for the better half of a decade already, and we can’t wait to see how the transition to PoS will change the industry for years to come.

As for us, Blox will officially launch mainnet staking in a few weeks! We will update with an exact date very soon. We released pricing details last week, but all you need to know is that when our mainnet staking goes live, using Blox is completely FREE for a limited time!

Early Birds Stake Free with Blox Staking

Over the next couple of weeks, we are running an early adopters promotion – set up as many validators as you desire, and pay no service fees until transfers are enabled in Phase 1.5, or for up to 2 years after activation (whichever comes first).

Blox Mainnet Launch - Non-Custodial Eth2 Staking Coming Soon

Now is the time to start generating ETH while contributing to a technology that is going to change the world. No pressure 🙂

The road to Eth2 Non-Custodial Staking

The road that got us here

After running endless testnets, countless validators and squashing a mountain of bugs, we are in the final stretch before our mainnet staking product is finally live.. Blox Beta has been around for 2 months or so, and we were able to attract hundreds of community members to test it out and run validators. Your participation was incredibly important to our development as we took your feedback and implemented improvements to ensure that the system is not only easy to use, but also robust and scalable.

We believe that Eth2 represents the future of blockchain and we could not think of a better way to get involved and help others get involved as well.

More to come after Eth2 Phase 0

The road ahead

Blox Mainnet Launch - Non-Custodial Eth2 Staking Coming Soon

Our work here certainly isn’t done though, we are continuously adding new features including validator import, additional cloud server options, and passphrase recovery.

We have also recently submitted our fixes to Least Authority who are auditing the security of our KeyVault remote signer, and look forward to their review and Final Audit Report at which time we will share it with you.

Last but certainly not least, we are constantly working towards realizing our ultimate goal of creating the industry’s first Decentralized Staking Pools. Stay tuned for lots more on that as we gear up to launch Q3 of 2021.

Blox Mainnet Launch - Non-Custodial Eth2 Staking Coming Soon
Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for all of the support on this journey so far, and we look forward to many years of shared success to come. We received invaluable advice and guidance from many of you, and launching so close to mainnet genesis would not have been possible had it not been for your contributions.

See you on the other side,
Team Blox