Blox Flash Update – Pyrmont Testnet Support

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It’s time to say goodby to the Medalla Eth2 testnet and welcome Pyrmont, the upcoming testnet that will take its place. As a quick reminder, Medalla was a pivotal testnet for Eth2 as it was the first multi-client testnet; we thank you for your service. 

Why are we moving to Pyrmont?

The last few weeks Medalla has shown instability and, in some instances, could not finalize. For various reasons, there is a large number of validators that are inactive. The network requires more than 66% of all validators to be active in order to finalize. Pyrmont will effectively ‘root out’ inactive participants and serve as a final place to test hardware configurations and software releases before mainnet launch.

Why is this happening now?

People depositing on testnets are using valueless GöETH, not real ETH. Hence, the incentive to continue performing in testnets over time is greatly diminished. People are shifting their focus to the real thing, seeing the ‘finish line’ following the release of the mainnet deposit contract. Important to note – it would be extremely improbable to see such an event occur on the mainnet (once transactions are allowed in later phases) where actual money is at stake.

What does it mean for Blox users?

Blox will support Pyrmont and our users will be able to run testnet validators similar to their previous experience with Medalla. We have deployed a new release version, 0.22.2, all you need to do is reinstall Blox, access your Blox Live Dashboard, and update your KeyVault.

What will happen to your Medalla validators?

Medalla is planned to terminate completely, and so will Blox’s support for the testnet. For the time being, you will still see your Medalla validators in Blox Live, but they will not update and eventually will be removed. 

A Final Note

We see this additional testnet as a testimony to how the Eth2 ecosystem is making sure that no stone is left unturned before launching the real thing. We recommend taking the time to set up a couple of Pyrmont testnet validators using Blox, we made sure the process is as simple as possible. Next up, real ETH staking on the Beacon Chain. 


Safe Staking,

Team Blox

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