Blox Staking Audit

Blox Staking Mid-Audit Update
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Blox Staking Mid-Audit Update

Blox Staking Audit Report

In the sake of radical transparency, we’re sharing Least Authority’s initial report of our recent audit focused on the security of our Eth2 staking wallet. We are pleased with the overall result and are working on the suggested improvements as we speak. You can read the full report here and read on for a quick recap.

Blox Staking Mid-Audit Update

From the team that brought you security audits for the Ethereum Foundation and MetaMask, Least Authority is committed to building and supporting the development of usable technology solutions and ethical business practices to advance digital security and preserve privacy as a fundamental human right.

Currently, Least Authority is performing a security audit of our Eth2 remote signer wallet, KeyVault, which is a Hashicorp Vault Implementation.

We particularly enjoyed the following insights:

Blox Staking Mid-Audit Update

Security is our main concern and staking by definition is a very sensitive undertaking. It was a challenge to think of a configuration that is easy to use, but which is also non-custodial and thereby minimizes the associated risks. We’re happy to see that our initiatives are doing what we set out to do.

That being said, there were a couple of issues that need to be addressed and so address we will. Our team is working on improvements for dependency management, error handling, testing and correcting type assertions in the code. Once complete, Least Authority will review our changes and we will publish the final audit report.

If you haven’t already heard, Eth2 mainnet genesis is right around the corner. At Blox we are eagerly waiting and preparing our staking platform for real deal staking as soon as December 1st! Blox is a completely decentralized and trustless platform for staking your ETH and we are committed to transparency in order to provide you with a staking solution that generates maximum rewards and protects from all angles.

Safe Staking,

Team Blox