Crypto ATH in 2021

Blox January Updates – Starting off Strong in 2021 🥳
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New crypto milestones in 2021

2021 looks like it’s already starting to pick up the positive pace as many major milestones in crypto keep getting smashed.

Blox January Updates - Starting off Strong in 2021 🥳

As of the time of writing, BTC passed the $30K mark (in case you hadn’t heard yet), and even more astoundingly, the ENTIRE global market capitalization of crypto assets reached a new all-time high above $950B. Positive reinforcement that we are inching our way closer to a blockchain-based new world order 😎.

As far as Eth2, over 2M ETH has been sent to the deposit contract, there are over 50,000 active validators and close to 17,000 more in the queue. If you make a deposit today, the wait time will be around 20 days 😅.

Eth2 is running smoothly

Putting figures aside, there has been relatively little activity on the Eth2 front recently. Nonetheless, this can be taken as a good sign since the network is demonstrating stability, and validators are beginning to witness significant progress. The average balance of an active validator currently stands at 32.24 ETH, for those who got started early on, that number is somewhere closer to 32.5.

Blox related, last week we released a number of vital pages on our site shedding some light on our plans for the Blox Ecosystem moving forward. Now is the chance to do a little homework about how it will operate:

  • The Blox Ecosystem – concise shpiel of why we wake up in the morning.
  • The Decentralized Staking Pools – discussing the Pools Blockchain, a trustless network for staking pools with multiple reward avenues.
  • The Native Token – CDT – a lot of you have been asking how our native token fits into the larger picture of the ecosystem, here is where you can find out.

And of course, our newsletter wouldn’t be complete without touching on staking stats. We are inching closer to the 100 community validator mark with a total of 127 validators currently staking using Blox. We are supporting,

  • 91 community validators
  • 4 employee validators (10 more on the way!)
  • 32 Blox validators
  • And a total of 4,064 ETH staked, approximately $4M!

We’re working on performance improvements and if you activated a validator with Blox that was experiencing attestation issues over the past week or so, we’ve sent you 0.02 ETH per validator as a thank you for bearing with us and to help make up for the inconvenience. We would have preferred to be perfect from the get-go but these growing pains will certainly make us stronger as we push forward and develop something that has never been done before 🤜 🤛.

In addition to Infra fixes, we’ve also addressed storage optimization improvements for AWS. From version 1.3.0 forward, AWS tags will be implemented in order to automatically delete redundant KeyVault instances. This is not backward compatible though, so please check your AWS account and delete any ’dead weight’ you might find there with the following instructions:

Optimize AWS Server Storage Guide

We’ve also upgraded our payment flow! Deposits to the official Eth2 contract are now enabled directly through Blox Live and support will be added for Portis, MetaMask, Ledger & Trezor 🤘. Validator import is also coming soon, so stay tuned.

Until Next Time,

Team Blox.