Is My Validator Offline?!

Is My Validator Offline?!

This is your ‘read in case of emergency’ guide.

Check your Validator

  1. Check your Validator status on or

Paste your public validator key into one of the above explorers and you’ll be able to confirm any past / present issues.

Check whether the ‘misses’ or missed duties are a few missed events in a row or sporadic misses.

Reach out to us on Discord

  1. Reach out to us on Discord.

Make sure that you’re talking to one of the [] admins for further instructions.

Use Recovery Tool

  1. In case you are not answered promptly, you can try to resolve the issue on your own using the Recovery Tool.

In case the recovery process fails to fix the issue, go back to Discord and alert us again.

Check your Cloud Provider

  1. Check status updates and alerts from your Cloud Provider.

Log in to your AWS account to see if you received any alerts pertaining to your server.

It could be anything from unpaid bills, missing payment information, or systemic updates required.

More Support

How to Check My AWS Tags

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