Guide for Importing Validators for Non-Custodial Staking

Importing Validators Into Blox Staking
Importing Validators Into Blox Staking

This guide is for anyone who wants to bring their Ethereum validator(s) (up to 50!) from a different staking service or unburden themselves from a DIY setup. The whole process should take less than 15 minutes and you will be up and running again, performing duties on the Beacon Chain while Blox facilitates the heavy technical lifting 💪.

  1. Download Blox Staking

    Download Blox Staking & follow the onboarding flow to setup KeyVault remote signer. For additional support setting up KeyVault, follow this guide.

  2. Create a Validator

    Select ‘Create a Validator.’

  3. Shut down your validator

    Shut down your validator(s) in your existing setup. Make sure to wait at least 10 minutes before completing the next steps. You might miss an attestation or two, but this is certainly better than being slashed!!

  4. Import Seed

    In Blox Live, select “Import Seed”

  5. Enter your Seed and create a password

    Enter your Seed + Create a password for admin functions in Blox Live. Select “Save & Confirm.”

  6. Enter how much validators you would like to import

    Enter the # of validators you would like to import, up to 50. Please note that you can only import up to 50 validators at this time, we are adding support for up to 100 in the near future. Under no circumstances should you go through the flow again to import more than 50, this will cause your validators to get slashed!!

Please note that validators will be imported by their index number, according to their creation date.

  1. Read instructions and select “Continue”

    Read the on-screen instructions carefully and mark the checkboxes. Select “Continue.”

Congratulations! Your validator(s) are now successfully imported and performing duties on the Beacon Chain!

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