Storing Eth2 Keys Offline

Securing Your Seed, Blox Staking Password & Keys
Securing Your Seed, Blox Staking Password & Keys

Blox Staking is completely non-custodial, which means you, the user, is the only individual who has access and control over your Eth2 keys, password & cloud account keys. We highly recommend storing these securely offline in a convenient location so you can access them when needed.

What is My 24-Word Seed?

Your 24-word seed is a complete backup of your assets, in this case, all of your Staked ETH.

Securing Your Seed, Blox Staking Password & Keys

It’s absolutely CRUCIAL to store your 24-word seed securely, offline. NEVER enter it into any device connected to the internet. And yes, that includes your smartphone and computer.


  • Never take a picture of your recovery seed.

  • Never type the recovery seed into a computer or phone.

  • Never save it in cloud storage and never upload the seed on the internet.

  • Make sure to copy down the recovery seed correctly.

What is My Blox Password?

Your password is an additional security layer generated in Blox Live that is used on top of your 24-word ‘seed’ passphrase. Also known as the 25th word.

Securing Your Seed, Blox Staking Password & Keys

Similar to any of your other passwords (just a little more sensitive), you can pick any set of letters, numbers and characters as your password. The password allows you to perform management tasks and access your secure data in Blox Live.

What is My AWS Access Key ID & Secret Access Key?

During the Blox Staking installation process, you’ll be asked to open and connect a cloud-based server of your choice where your KeyVault remote signer will be installed.

During this process, make sure to mark down your Access Key ID & Secret Access Key! Although they are easily retrievable through your AWS account it will save you time to have them available in case you must run the recovery process.

What are my Public Keys?

In Eth2, two separate key pairs are generated. Validator keys (Public & Private) and Withdrawal keys (Public & Private). You will need your Public Keys when manually checking your validator’s performance on or and sometimes for support inquiries. Please store your public keys somewhere for quick access if you need help.

Securing Your Seed, Blox Staking Password & Keys
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