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Blox October Updates – Blox Staking Beta, Coindesk, Zinken
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With the release of our Beta and a number of important events coming up, this may well be the busiest period in our platform’s short lifetime! Mainnet launch is right around the corner, and we are busy preparing the stage for accessible, decentralized Eth2 staking for all.


  • Blox Beta is Live! 🥳
  • Join our CEO Alon at Coindesk Invest: Ethereum Economy Event 🤓
  • Final testnets: Zinken has finalized 👏
  1. Blox Staking Beta is Live

    Beta Liftoff
Blox October Updates - Blox Staking Beta, Coindesk, Zinken

The first iteration of our non-custodial Eth2 staking platform is here! It’s available for download on Mac and Windows:

In case you’re new to Blox, our platform is the first of its kind as it is the only, truly non-custodial Eth2 staking configuration out there. Blox never holds your private validator key OR your private withdrawal key. We provide you with an easy way to set up and monitoring of 1 or more validators using a Desktop App and your own cloud account (currently AWS, more options coming soon).

Why a Desktop App? To uphold the highest security standards, key generation and management is kept completely offline. Learn more about Blox Live here.

Why do you need your own cloud account? To ensure that your validator key is kept online at all times for signing, but is only accessible by you! Learn more about KeyVault remote signer here.

  1. Coindesk Invest: Ethereum Economy Event

Blox October Updates - Blox Staking Beta, Coindesk, Zinken

We’re not gonna lie, we’ve been dreaming about an invitation to the main stage of the biggest show in crypto for a long time now… and this year, we got 2! Our CEO Alon Muroch will be giving two sessions this Wednesday the 14th at the Coindesk Invest: Ethereum Economy Event. Register here to hear him speak about our trustless Eth2 staking platform, and our vision for our upcoming Eth2 staking pools network and CDT2 integration.

  1. Zinken Testnet Success

As you may be aware, Spadina was meant to be the final Eth2 testnet last month but did not go as well as planned. Zinken on the other hand got off to a great start! The testnet launched Oct 12 and reached finality on Epoch 2! This is certainly a great sign for the Beacon Chain. 🤗

Blox October Updates - Blox Staking Beta, Coindesk, Zinken

We hit a bunch of big milestones this month but this is only the beginning for us, and more importantly for our community. The next couple of months are going to be pivotal for Ethereum. As we continue to improve our platform in preparation for mainnet, we are also building out our site to include additional educational resources for all you need to know about Eth2 as it happens. Stay tuned to keep informed!

Until Next Time,

Team Blox