Eth2 Proof of Stake Mainnet

🥩 Blox Mainnet Staking Status Updates 🤓
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Successfully staking with Blox on the Beacon Chain

We are off to a great start! As of time of writing 87 validators have deposited on mainnet using Blox, and the Beacon Chain has been chugging along quite smoothly. 🚞 🚞 🚞 We’ve still got lots going on though, as we bring you new features, decentralized staking pools, and anticipate each coming Phase of Eth2.

State of the Eth2 Mainnet

State of the Mainnet

Although things have slowed down slightly since the hype around genesis, there is currently $1B locked up in the Eth2 deposit contract which represents over 1% of total ETH supply.

This is a major milestone and more and more validators are joining daily. If you make your deposit now, it will take around 2 weeks to officially start staking given the length of the cue ahead of you. Our opinion, its worth the wait 😉

There have been some slashing events going on over the last couple of weeks (not for Blox!!), mainly due to improper set up on the part of the individual validators or services that were slashed, and not to do with network as a whole as it has been remarkably stable since launch. If you want to follow some more network stats, check this out.

Blox Staking Status Update

Just over a week ago, version 1.0.0 was released and we’ve been seeing a steady flow of new users. Thank YOU for being the pioneers of non-custodial Eth2 staking! As of time of writing, Blox is still the only non-custodial option out there, and we are happy to see the community reel behind a cause that we find so important.

Of the 87 validators currently staking using Blox we have,

  • 53 community validators
  • 2 Blox employee validators
  • 32 Blox validators
  • and a total of 1,824 ETH staked, approximately $1.8M!

Thanks to our dev team, our attestation rates are strong and stable, over the last 24h the attestation stats are as follows:

  • Avg attestation rate 99.743077362260919212%
  • Avg att. Effectiveness 99.064360646441738966%

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Ready to Join in on the Fun?

For a limited time, staking with Blox is completely free. That’s right, no service fees for up to 2 years if you sign up over the next couple of weeks. 🥳

Blox Staking Ongoing Development initiatives!

Until Next Time!

Team Blox