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Payment in ETH (automatically converted into CDT and burnt).

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Is price denominated in ETH or USD?

Validator fees are denominated in USD, but paid using ETH. Regardless of ETH price fluctuation, the cost of staking with Blox is fixed at $180 USD/validator.

Is payment made in ETH or USD?

Payment is made in ETH, however the price is denominated in USD. This means that the purchase amount in ETH will depend on its value in USD at the time of purchase.

How much will it cost to run more than one validator?

There is an incremental 10% discount applied starting at the 6th validator. As an example, the pricing structure to create 20 validators looks like this:

validators 1-5: $180 each → $900

validators 6-10: $162 each → $810

validators 11-15: $145.8 each → $729

validators 15-20 = $131.2 each → $656

Total for 20 validators = $900 + $810 +$729 + $656 = $3095

And so on and so forth.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon validator set up. Your validator will be activated once payment is made.

What is the payment process?

The fee is purchased in ETH and automatically converted into CDT. For every $1 collected in validator fees, $1CDT will be automatically executed via decentralized exchanges and then burnt. In short, you pay with ETH, at a fixed dollar amount.

What do validator fees have to do with CDT?

CDT is Blox’s native token and it will be used to drive decentralized staking pools. CDT will first be burnt against validator fees for Blox Staking, and later as a rewards mechanism for pool Block Producers.

What happens after phase 1.5?

After transfers are available in phase 1.5 OR after 2 years after you’ve activated your validator (whichever happens first), the fee per validator will be $180/year. In the case that you created a validator in the months leading up to transfers in phase 1.5, you will not be charged again until a year has passed since you activated your validator. For example, a validator activated 1 month before transfers are available will have 11 months remaining on their subscription before renewal.