CDT token


Driving the Decentralized Eth2 staking economy

The 3 main functions of CDT:

Network Rewards

CDT will be given to Block Producers (BP) for maintaining the Blox decentralized staking pools consensus layer. Each honest BP will be entitled to CDT rewards in addition to their ETH staking rewards.


CDT will be burnt against fees deposited by network participants. Network rewards will be reduced over time, while burning will continue. The aim is to permanently reduce CDT supply (and increase its value over time).


CDT holders will have control over the network and will be able to participate in critical decisions and protocol implementations.

Staking Economy

CDT will be used for incentivizing BPs to secure the Staking Pool’s consensus layer. Good BPs will receive ETH rewards as well as CDT rewards for their efforts. Pool participants (stakers) will burn CDT as network fees, creating a deflationary pressure on total supply.

Rollout plan