Ethereum 2.0 Decentralization

Blox Staking: An Introduction To the Future of ETH Staking
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Eth2, the latest and largest upgrade to the Ethereum network is one that introduces scalability, speed, and security to a technology that has the chance to change the foundation of our digital universe.

At Blox, we’re developing Eth2 staking solutions that will eliminate the barriers to entry for contributing to securing the network. Our first solution, Blox Staking is a non-custodial staking tool aimed at anyone with 32 ETH who wishes to run a validator, but who does not wish to deal with the associated technical requirements.

The industry’s first non-custodial staking platform for Eth2


  • Blox Staking Testnet & Mainnet to launch in 2020.
  • A reliable infrastructure and API for ETH staking.
  • The industry’s first non-custodial private key solution.

What is Blox Staking?

Fully Non-Custodial Staking Service

We’re designing the industry’s first non-custodial staking solution for supporting staking and multi-client validators at scale on the Eth2 blockchain.

Powered by expandable infrastructure, anyone will be able to stake at any volume and maximize ETH rewards using Blox Staking.

Our infra is being built for reliability at scale, ensuring optimal attestation rates, providing real-time alerts when needed, and a GUI dashboard and API to access, monitor and maintain validators.

Why Use Blox Staking?

You have the Ether, we have the Infra. Expand your staking commerce with a reliable service that gives you full control over you private keys. Privacy is arguably the most important pillar of modern technology and from our perspective, centralized access to private keys is not an option.

Blox IN THE Blockchain Business

Founded in 2016, Blox has focused on developing intelligent technology that can access, fetch, normalize and unlock blockchain data. Our first product, based on a powerful blockchain API, is an industry-leading crypto accounting and asset management platform.

Today, Blox is concentrating on decentralized solutions for Eth2, what we believe is one of the most important transitions for blockchain and crypto.

Supporting The Future of Eth2 Staking

Ethereum’s pivot from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake means the network will require actors known as validators to stake Ether as collateral while contributing to operating and securing the network. But staking ETH can be technically challenging without some coding know-how.

The immediate challenges are in integrating the right infrastructure, activating a hot wallet, and safely storing private keys. Staking projects are emerging that will cover these requisites, but all approaches we have learned about so far implement custodianship (of some level or another) over user private keys. With Blox Staking we intend to provide a more secure and trustless way to provide the required staking stack.

Protecting & Maximizing Your Rewards

It doesn’t matter if you’re staking 32 or 1,022 ETH, protecting your rewards and mitigating risk is crucial – it is not enough to just run the infrastructure. Validators on the Beacon Chain must be consistently online and attesting quickly, and correctly. Anything less has the potential to negatively impact total ETH staking rewards.

Blox nodes are actively maintained by our team for relentless reliability and we will be implementing slashing protection to mitigate the possibility of incorrect attestations. In doing so, penalties of any size will be avoided, positively influencing your ETH balance.

Scaling With Blox Staking

Whether you want to support the network as a validator or are more rewards-focused, we plan to help you start staking and earning rewards without friction. This will apply to users running one, or hundreds of validators.

What’s Next?

The business of staking will greatly impact the future of the upgraded Ethereum blockchain. We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of what our non-custodial staking service will offer and we look forward to letting you in on some more details in the near future!

If you want to chat, join our Discord server or send us a line at