Blox Staking: An Introduction To the Future of ETH Staking

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When blockchain started from the first genesis block, it shook up our digital universe.

The journey of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has repeatedly made history and with the upcoming roll out of Ethereum 2.0, its mark on this world is growing.The new ETH 2.0 network is one that introduces scalability and speed to a technology that has undergone many transformations. 


Blox is a blockchain pioneer that has mastered the craft of building, deploying and scaling reliable blockchain nodes. For us, connecting to the blockchain has become an art. The pending launch of our new ETH 2.0 staking solution will introduce the accuracy, intelligence and efficiency associated with Blox’s existing blockchain innovations.

  • Blox Staking Testnet & Mainnet to launch in 2020
  • A reliable infrastructure and API for ETH staking services
  • The industry’s first non-custodial solution for private keys
  • Blox is a leader in building and deploying blockchain technology
  • Developer-friendly features dedicated to maximizing rewards

What is Blox Staking?

This will be the industry’s first non-custodial solution for supporting staking and multi-client validators at scale on the ETH 2.0 blockchain. Powered by expandable infrastructure, anyone can now stake at any volume and maximize rewards with the Blox staking service. 


Our infra is built for reliability at scale, ensuring that all our validator nodes are always active and online with real time alerts, a GUI dashboard and API to access, monitor and maintain validator clients.

Why Use Blox Staking?

You have the ether, we have the infra. Together we can help you expand your staking commerce with a reliable service that keeps users in full control over their staking systems. Our users will be introduced to features they didn’t know they needed, so stay tuned to our blog for our next feature-focused post! 


In a world where privacy is the most important pillar for modern technology, giving up access to your wallets private keys is not an option. By leveraging our non-custodial service, you can stake your ether without compromising the integrity of your wallet and maintain dominion over your assets. Every feature and every line of code has been designed to maximize rewards and mitigate financial risk. 


It all starts with our technology.

Blox Means Blockchain Business

Key Points
  • Blox is a pioneer of innovative blockchain solutions
  • Blox Finance is an industry-leading crypto accounting and management platform
  • Blox Staking leverages years of development experience

Since 2016, the company has focused solely on developing intelligent technology that can access, fetch, normalize and unlock blockchain data from hundreds of sources. The result was an incredibly powerful blockchain API that we transformed into our first product, an industry-leading crypto accounting and asset management platform. At the heart of this platform is decades of experience that can be converted to serve a variety of purposes. 


While we conquered one world (blockchain finance), like all great leaders, we are continuing our campaign into the future of blockchain. Today, Blox is dedicating our resources towards that future. Our upcoming Testnet will be fully equipped, so you can integrate our code and begin your skating experience. 


Blox Staking inherits years of experience constructing and maintaining blockchain nodes and providing blockchain businesses with our powerful Blox API.

Supporting The Future of Staking

Key Points
  • Scalable and reliable staking infra is difficult to develop and operate
  • Managing private keys is a leading industry concern for security
  • Launching of Testnet & Mainnet with secure private key solution

Our mastery of infrastructure has opened an opportunity for Blox to build and support a new type of SaaS, Staking-as-a-Service. The pivot of Ethereum from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake means the network requires validators to stake ether to create a more trusted  network. But staking ether can be difficult to deploy but it can be even more costly to operate. 


The barriers of entry for staking on the ETH blockchain can be difficult to overcome. The immediate challenges are in integrating the right infrastructure, activating a hot wallet and safely storing private keys. More importantly, those that stake need to protect their ether at all times. This demands strict reliability that few existing services are able to provide. Some projects have the prerequisite of custodianship over private keys, which isn’t always viable for many business and enterprise-level stakers that don’t wish to surrender access to private keys (understandably, so). Staking on Blox provides a safer and trustless environment which previously did not exist beyond theory.


In 2020, Blox will be releasing both a Testnet and Mainnet for the industry’s first non-custodial solution to support scalable staking. 

Protecting & Maximizing Your Rewards

Key Points
  • Validators require 24/7 online connectivity to maximize rewards 
  • SlashGuard solution helps mitigate penalties and protect against slashes
  • Non-custodial private key management for full-control over private keys

It doesn’t matter if you’re staking 32 or 1,022 ETH, protecting your rewards and mitigating risk is at the core of the Blox staking solution. It’s not enough to simply have active infrastructure or to “operate”. Validators on the Beacon blockchain must be engaged and connected to their nodes and anything less has the potential to negatively impact your total rewards. The validators that are capable of earning the most rewards are those that remain online 24/7. All Blox nodes within our domain are actively maintained by our team for relentless reliability.


But there is more we Blox Staking can do to protect our users and their investment: Slash Guard. Our Slash protection mitigates the chances to put your node in a position to compromise its integrity. By reducing costly penalties and maintaining an online status, we help your balance to grow without committing slashable offences for good actors. 


For the security-conscious, Blox Staking will never require custodianship over private keys and instead, chose to keep the user with complete control over their assets. It was important to build a service that breaks the mold and offers an alternative to other key management models. But don’t worry, even without your private access, we always sign your keys so you never miss a beat and continue attesting, proposing and increasing your rewards. 

Imagine Scaling With Blox Staking

Key Points
  • Maximize rewards and support the ETH network 
  • Reliable infrastructure for ETH staking services
  • Rapid onboarding and minimal code to start staking quickly

Whether you want to support the network as a validator or are reward-focused, we want you to start staking and earning rewards with a friction-free experience. With minimum investment and time of money, you can maximize your rewards with our staking solution. If one validator can generate $150 USD per-month, now imagine if you scaled-up with Blox. 


When our official Mainnet goes live, Blox will help to solve the reliability challenges with scaling services. As expert node architects, everything our developers create is built for reliability when scaling in any direction. With dependable infrastructure, anyone can stake more without making sacrifices and reducing financial risks. Blox Staking simplifies the onboarding and scale processing, making it easy to sign up, log in and start staking. Our fixed-fee pricing per-validator client gives you exact pricing and Stripe-enabled payments.

What’s next?

The business of staking will greatly impact the future of trust, speed and usability for the next generation of the Ethereum blockchain. It will ultimately open a more trustless ecosystem based on a fair Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism, and will allow validators to operate and earn rewards on a more even playing field. But the validators the ear the most rewards will need the most advanced infrastructure capable of supporting their staking needs. 


We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of what our Blox staking service will offer to the new staking generation. 


You can visit us online at Blox Staking or at


Want to become a NodeWarrior? Join our growing community: NodeWarriors!

Who is Blox Staking?

We are the industry’s first non-custodial alternative for providing Ethereum staking services. Blox possesses formidable experience as master node builders. Our DevOps team are code-craftsmen with years of experience building nodes, databases, infrastructure and applications for consumers, businesses and enterprise grade customers. 


Never surrender ownership of your private keys and stake with reliable infra built to be secure and maximize your rewards. By leveraging our blockchain solutions, we expedite the process of becoming a validator, preparing your personal staking wallet and getting you to start staking.

Are you ready to start staking? Visit Blox today.

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