Blox Staking – Alpha Launch

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When blockchain started from the first genesis block, it shook up our digital universe.


The journey of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has repeatedly made history and with the upcoming roll out of Ethereum 2.0, its mark on this world is changing the future of blockchain.

And Blox is changing with it! 


On July 1st, we announce our latest service: Blox Staking.


  • Blox expands blockchain service offering with ETH 2.0 staking
  • Blox Staking Testnet & Mainnet launches in 2020
  • A true, non-custodial ETH 2.0 staking service
  • Blox Staking Beta to be released in September 2020
  • Blox is leader in building and deploying blockchain technology
  • Built to easily onboard users, maximize rewards and start staking
What is Blox Staking?

This will be one of the industry’s first non-custodial solutions for supporting staking and multi-client validators on the ETH 2.0 blockchain. Powered by expandable infrastructure, anyone can now stake at any volume and maximize rewards with the Blox staking service.


For users that wish to participate in Eth 2 as a validator or staker, but do not want to surrender their private keys, they can trust in Blox to provide the necessary infrastructure to reliably support staking at scale.


Our custody-free solution means users have the freedom to choose the type of staking validator they want to be.


Why Use Blox Staking?

You have the ether, we have the infra. Together we can help you expand your staking potential with a reliable service that keeps users in full control over their keys. Our users will be introduced to features they need and some they will love, so stay tuned to our blog for our next feature-focused post!

In a world where privacy is the most important pillar for modern technology, giving up access to your private keys is not an option. By leveraging our custody-free service, you can stake your ether without compromising the integrity of your assets. 


Everything we build has been designed to maximize rewards and mitigate financial risk. It all starts with our technology.



A History of Blockchain Technology
  • Blox is a pioneer of innovative blockchain solutions
  • Blox Finance, a leading crypto asset management platform
  • Blox Staking leverages years of development experience

Since 2016, Blox focused solely on developing intelligent technology that can access, fetch, normalize and unlock blockchain data from hundreds of sources. The result was an incredibly powerful blockchain API that we transformed into our first product, an industry-leading crypto accounting and asset management platform. At the heart of this platform is decades of experience that has been converted to serve a variety of purposes.


While we conquered one world, blockchain finance, like all great leaders, we are continuing our campaign into the future of blockchain. Today, Blox is dedicating our resources towards that future. 


Our upcoming Testnet will be fully equipped, so you can signup and start your skating experience.



What About Blox Finance? We’re glad you asked!

We are determined to continue offering more blockchain services and solutions based on emerging industry needs. The Eth 2.0 staking train is full steam ahead, and Blox will be at the final destination to offer users an incredible staking experience. We want to take a moment to answer some of your questions.


Is Blox Finance still available?

Blox Finance, our crypto accounting and asset management platform is still operational and ready to help investors, professionals and businesses. Anyone can sign up and take advantage of one of the industry’s most powerful PaaS solutions.


Are you replacing Blox Finance with Staking?

Blox Staking is simply another service offering from the Blox brand. We will continue to keep all our services active and fully operational. Because Blox Finance is a seasonal product, we will focus on Staking yearound.


Should I expect interruptions in performance?

No. All Blox Finance users with paid plans will be able to continue using their services. If any interruptions or issues should occur, please contact


Will I lose my synced data and information?

No. All users data is perfectly secured and preserved! Blox is continuing to onboard users of all shapes and sizes, so they too can better track their assets or generate reports.


What does Blox know about staking?

Blox are master craftsmen at building, deploying and maintaining blockchain nodes, infrastructure and deliver technology in the form of apps and services. Our engineering team has years of experience building the type of infrastructure required for the future of staking. It made perfect sense for us to offer additional services and expand our offerings.


Can I stake with Blox?

Very soon! We are currently working on our Beta release, but when our public mainnet goes live, all Blox users can participate in custody-free staking. Visit Blox Staking to sign up for our public Beta!


What’s next?
In our next blog post, we will dive into all of our features and services that form Blox Staking. We hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of what our Blox staking service will offer to the new staking generation.


Want or need to learn more? We got you covered.

Check the Blox Blog for more guides, news and blogs!


Blox Staking Beta Waitlist Coming Soon.  

Blox encourages you to continue monitoring the space for the latest news, support, progress, updates and more. It’s a bold new future for the world of Ethereum, blockchain and the millions of followers around the world.

Who is Blox Staking?

Blox Staking is one of the infustry industry’s first non-custodial solutions for Ethereum 2.0 staking services. 


Blox possesses formidable experience as master builders and code-craftsmen with years of experience building nodes, databases, infrastructure and applications for consumers, businesses and enterprise grade customers. 



Never surrender ownership of your private keys and stake with reliable infratructure built to be secure and maximize your rewards. By leveraging our blockchain solutions, we expedite the setup process making it simple for anyone to start staking. 

Ready to start staking? Visit Blox today.

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