Introducing trustless Eth2 staking

Blox Staking Alpha Launch
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The upcoming roll out of Ethereum 2.0 is set to fundamentally shift the blockchain and crypto world, and Blox is changing with it!

Blox Staking – Non-Custodial Eth2 Staking

On July 1st, we announce our latest project: Blox Staking.

Blox Staking Alpha Launch
  • Blox expands blockchain service offering with Eth2 staking
  • A true, non-custodial Eth2 staking solution built to easily onboard users, minimize risks, and maximize rewards
  • Testnet & Mainnet launches in 2020
  • Blox Staking Beta to be released September 2020

What is Blox Staking?

Blox Staking is the industry’s first solution for custody-free ETH staking built for anyone who wants to participate in Eth2, but does not feel comfortable with a centralized provider handling the keys to their validator. Blox is known for building, deploying and maintaining reliable blockchain nodes, apps and services, and Blox Staking is our upcoming open-source project for decentralized Eth2 staking.

Why Use Blox Staking?

You have the Ether, we have the Infra. Expand your staking commerce with a reliable service that gives you full control over you private keys. Privacy is arguably the most important pillar of modern technology and from our perspective, centralized access to private keys is not an option.

Blox Staking Alpha Launch

Who is Developing Blox Staking?

Founded in 2016, Blox has focused on developing intelligent technology that can access, fetch, normalize and unlock blockchain data. Our first product, based on a powerful blockchain API, is an industry-leading crypto accounting and asset management platform.

Today, Blox is concentrating on decentralized solutions for Eth2, what we believe is one of the most important transitions for blockchain and crypto.

What Happens Now With Blox Finance?

Blox Finance is still operational and ready to help investors, professionals and businesses manage their crypto assets. All Blox Finance users with paid plans will be able to continue using their services. If any interruptions or issues should occur, please contact

What’s Next for Blox Staking?

Our Beta Staking waitlist is coming soon, so stay tuned to the blog for future updates!