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Blox Talks – February 12
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Blox Talks - February 12

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Mainnet Validators

Active: 164
Deposited: 38

Total: 202
Staked: 6464 ETH

Rate: 99.806%
Effectiveness: 98.842%


Blox Talks - February 12
Validators: 84,000+ ETH Staked: 3M ETH+ Participation Rate: >95% Average Balance: 32.43 ETH

All running quite smoothly on the Beacon Chain minus a slashing event last week involving 61 validators from a staking service that we previously covered in this post. released a post mortum and will compensate their clients. However, the importance of a true non-custodial set up for Eth2 staking was revealed due to the mishap. A large number of user validator keys suffered a slashing event due to maintenance efforts for attestation performance… in a non-custodial set up this aggregated slashing should not be possible.


Blox Talks - February 12

We’re officially a proud recipient of an Ethereum Foundation grant to forward our work on Secret Shared Validators (SSVs)! The project is a true team effort and we are humbled to be participating. If you’d like to join in on the development efforts, feel free to reach out to us on Discord! You can also tune in to our upcoming community call to find out more about the project and read more here, and here.

More to be released in the coming weeks but earlier this week we tested out the first working implementation of a SSV on the Pyrmont testnet. The setup is still very much preliminary and basic and much work still needs to be done, but an important milestone for setting the project in motion. 🦾 🦾


Blox Talks - February 12

Due out next week, the import function for Blox Staking is almost complete. Version 1.4.0 will allow anyone to import their existing validators into Blox. Running a true non-custodial setup means that anyone can join and leave as they please. We are the first and only to allow an import function, pretty exciting!

Spread the news folks, this feature is for anyone who has become tired of maintaining their DIY setup or who is dissatisfied with their existing custodied staking service 😝Importing into Blox is the closest thing to running it on your own without the hassle of continued maintenance. If you’re not satisfied, you’ll be able to opt-out at any time!


Blox Talks - February 12

Join Alon, our CEO and the Binance community to learn about our future plans and get the chance to win $3,000 worth of CDT. Huge thanks to the Binance team for inviting us to their platform. See you there!


Blox Talks - February 12

Eth2’s Approach to Solving the Scalability Trilemma

Stephanie Dunbar

Scalability determines the capacity of any network, and has been the key limiting factor for the mainstream proliferation of Ethereum and all other blockchains to date…

Blox Talks - February 12

Lose decentralization, a network is likely not a blockchain at all, lose security and there isn’t a reliable network to speak of…

To get the complete picture, read the full article.

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