Blox Staking News - August 19th 2021

Blox Talks – August 19th
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Blox Talks - August 19th


Mainnet Validators

Total: 1684
Staked: ETH 5388, ~$167M

Attestation Rate: 99.52%
Effectiveness: 96.2% is LIVE!

Blox Talks - August 19th

It has been a long time in the making, but we’re thrilled to finally release the public testnet for❗️

SSV was originally conceived as a research concept by the Ethereum Foundation back in 2019. We became involved early on and helped develop a basic proof of concept. Soon after, we realized the potential and benefits it brings the ecosystem — might just be ‘the future of ETH staking’.

We have great partners who joined as early stage operators, and help us in building the network from the ground up:

  • DappNodes
  • Allnodes
  • Foundry (DCG)
  • Ethereum Foundation
  • Lukka
  • Everstake
  • Prysmatic Labs
  • Stakewise
  • RockX
  • SigmaPrime
  • Stakely
  • 0xA

Extra credit !

Blox Talks - August 19th

We hosted our first ‘Know Your Operator’ session with one of Ethereum community’s most respected contributors, AKA Yorick (AKA Thorsten) of cryptomanufaktur.

We have a few more prominent staking services lined up so make sure to keep for the next KYO


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