Blox Staking News - August 19th 2021

Blox Talks – August 19th
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Blox Talks - August 19th


Mainnet Validators

Total: 1684
Staked: ETH 5388, ~$167M

Attestation Rate: 99.52%
Effectiveness: 96.2% is LIVE!

Blox Talks - August 19th

It has been a long time in the making, but we’re thrilled to finally release the public testnet for❗️

SSV was originally conceived as a research concept by the Ethereum Foundation back in 2019. We became involved early on and helped develop a basic proof of concept. Soon after, we realized the potential and benefits it brings the ecosystem — might just be ‘the future of ETH staking’.

We have great partners who joined as early stage operators, and help us in building the network from the ground up:

  • DappNodes
  • Allnodes
  • Foundry (DCG)
  • Ethereum Foundation
  • Lukka
  • Everstake
  • Prysmatic Labs
  • Stakewise
  • RockX
  • SigmaPrime
  • Stakely
  • 0xA

We held our 2nd community call with all our partners to announce the launch, where we spoke about the recent developments and roadmap ahead.

You can also read the SSV(test)network launch recap we released if you don’t have the time.

FIrst DAO proposal CDT → SSV Token

With the release of our testnet, it was the perfect opportunity to upgrade our native token, CDT.

The CDT to SSV token upgrade event is a significant milestone in the formation of the DAO. The upgrade will be the 1st proposal brought to DAO review, if passed, SSV token will become’s native token.

The contract upgrade itself will be voted on with CDT, if passed, all CDT holders will be able to swap their CDT with SSV at a 1:100 ratio.

We hope to see as many holders as possible voting on this decision and the ones to follow.

Extra credit !

Blox Talks - August 19th

We hosted our first ‘Know Your Operator’ session with one of Ethereum community’s most respected contributors, AKA Yorick (AKA Thorsten) of cryptomanufaktur.

We have a few more prominent staking services lined up so make sure to keep for the next KYO

If you’ve reached this far, here’s some extra credit for you:

CDT -> SSV Upgrade

SSV(test)network is live!

SSV Community Call #2 – TestNet Launch

BloxStaking & AMA #1


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