Staking Chronicles – Episode 1: Beacon of Light

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Today it officially starts: my journey into the world of Ethereum 2.0.


I will be chronicling my journey of entering the new world of Ethereum 2.0 and operating my very own staking validator client.


Before I can give some context, let me back up a little. My name is Eran. I’m 27 years old and currently in charge of all client activity at Blox, a leading provider of blockchain financial technology. I’ve been pursuing clients all over the world, building relationships, developing unique solutions, and customizing tools for over 100 companies from Shanghai to San Francisco. I’ve been eating, drinking, and breathing crypto and blockchain since early 2017. Yeah, you can say it…I’m a ‘moon boy’ gone corporate 🌙 💼


Filtering out all the extra work that a start-up lifestyle requires of you, my job is understanding what our clients actually need and ensuring they get there. Our clients range from crypto companies, miners and exchanges, to crypto funds and wealth managers. Each with their own unique challenges and approaches and requirements.


I am an avid blockchain enthusiast that owns some crypto and works at an awesome blockchain startup. But I have no previous experience with mining or staking!


Why read my blog?


  • Learn the basics of ETH 2, proof-of-stake, staking and the beacon chain
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of becoming an ETH staker
  • To develop a stronger understanding and appreciation of the technology
  • Eventually, a step-by-step guide to becoming a validator for ETH 2
Let’s put the past in the past!
We’ve been feeding on the same mantras about Blockchain for years; talking about a decentralized world, an ungoverned financial system, an alternative for the archaic banks in charge of our finances, and the list goes on. Almost four years later, I find that people are still repeating the same things over and over.


Maybe people still think that it’s going to be the ‘next internet’ without knowing what it means. Maybe it’s because deep inside those buzzwords are justifications for dreams of making a quick buck or an early retirement. Maybe because the industry as a whole has lost some of its hype.

Either way, we need to remember that still today, maybe more so than ever, there are companies, projects, and major forces slowly (hopefully) evolving into life-changing technologies.


What is this all For?


Blox is getting ready for ETH 2.0, and so am I. The train has left the station and is going full speed ahead. We think that sharding, proof-of-work, and validators are going to be game-changers. Now I just need to figure out how they operate in real life.


Hopefully, the light at the end of the tunnel will turn out to be from a Beacon.


(I will be trying some beacon puns along the way, so bear with me)


I’m going to write a step-by-step recapitulation of my journey into the uncharted lands of ETH Staking. 


Join my journey to discover the next big thing in blockchain and crypto!

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